Rules and values

INTRODUCE YOURSELF. The thing we love about our gym is that it’s our family. If you’re new, introduce yourself to others. If you’re a veteran, introduce yourself to the newbies. 

BE EARLY - CLASS STARTS ON TIME. Being 10 minutes early is better than being 1 minute late. If you are over 5 minutes late, you’ll have to wait until the next class starts. 

INFORM THE COACH. About your injuries, when you have to leave a class, or when other important things are happening. If you’re uncomfortable discussing these issues openly, please speak with your private coach before signing up for a class.

RESPECT THE EQUIPMENT. Always lower weights with control, never kick or throw around material and always follow the coach’s instructions on how to properly use material! 

CLEAN UP YOUR STUFF. Brush your chalk off the barbell, put the jump rope back where you found it, and wipe your blood, sweat and tears off whatever you use! 

BAG YOUR DEVICES. You can stare at a screen all day long, but not during class. Leave your phone, tablet, and other devices in your bag until class is over. 

WE’RE IN THIS TOGETHER. The workout isn’t over until the last person is done. Cheer on your buddies before you clean up. 

RESPECT THE COACH. During class, the coach is boss. Have an issue? Take it up with the coach outside class time. We’re open to feedback! 

LEAVE YOUR DRAMA AT THE DOOR At the box, we’re all athletes. Don’t bring drama inside, just lift and run! 

LEAVE YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR. Somewhere out there a high school kid is warming up with your PR.