Once you are ready to start training at UnScared we welcome you via a personal intake. We take one hour to personally meet you and discuss your goals, training and injury history, dietary habits and much more. After performing a short workout we'll also have a good view on how you move and if you are prone to developing injuries in the future. This intake is free.

At the end of our intake we discuss onboarding. Typically our new members need one or two more hours of private coaching before they can get started with our CrossFit and weightlifting classes. Some athletes need none, others a bit more.

During the onboarding we will coach you through the fundamental movements in CrossFit and combine this with short lectures on nutrition and our programming.'

In short: our onboarding is very personal and we will always make sure to tailor to your specific athletic capacity and wishes.

After the onboarding you are ready to become a new UnScared member! During your membership at UnScared you will always be linked to the same coach who did your onboarding.