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Whether you just started or want to take your boutique gym or PT studio to the next level, UnScared Consulting is here to guide you along the way.

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Marco Brienissen
“Willem has been an inspiration to professionalize my business and helped me provide a different perspective on the way I run my gym. Whether it is about branding, building a team of coaches or creating a sustainable revenue, Willem can help you with any challenges you face as a gym owner.”
Marco Brienissen, BASE Lifestyle
Jip Hiltrop
“In 6 months, Jochem turned a military man into a true businessman. To this day we still use the knowledge Jochem brought us, from easy-to-use systems to client retention. Ever since we started working with Jochem, we doubled in members, hired three more coaches, and have been running our business as smoothly as possible.”

About us

Willem Hilberdink

Willem Hilberdink

Willem has been the co-owner of UnScared since 2015 and has coached countless gym owners through both Build A Better Box and his Business Coaching firm. Interested to hear more from Willem? Check out the numerous international podcasts and interviews he has done or book a free 30-minute intake.

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Jochem Oldenbroek

Jochem Oldenbroek

In 2014, Jochem created the UnScared concept, and he has co-owned UnScared since its inception. As a former Head of Marketing for Eleiko Sport and with extensive experience in international business coaching, Jochem can help you with any challenges you face as a gym owner. Book a free 30-minute intake to find out more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What issues can UnScared Consulting help me solve?

Whether you are just starting or have been running your gym for years, we can help you with whatever challenge you face within your business. Book a 30-minute intake and find out how to bring your gym to the next level.

What do I need to invest to improve my gym?

First and foremost: time. UnScared Consulting offers monthly or bi-weekly calls depending on your availability and requests, with pricing starting at 150,- euros a month.

How do I get started?

Book a no-strings-attached intake, so we can get to know you, your business and the challenges you currently face. We’d love to meet you!

Why should I listen to the UnScared consultants?

Jochem and Willem have extensive experience running a self-sustaining gym together and have coached dozens of gym owners in creating a successful business of their own. Read more about the Jochem and Willem or check out the UnScared Staff page.

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