Nutrition Course

Learning about nutrition can be confusing and applying it to your daily habits can be tough. Every year there's a new diet book or method with "the one solution" and you're unsure what to do to reach your goals when it comes to your nutrition or what to believe.

This is where the UnScared Nutrition Course comes in. In just three Sunday afternoons, we will provide you with the theoretical underpinnings to assess your lifestyle, food habits and behaviour and will teach you how to make the changes necessary for long term progress.

Average rating of this course by last participants: 8.6/10

Cost: 200,- euro 

Course dates: The next 2019 course will be held on the following weekend days: March 1st, March 14th & April 4th. All days start at 13:30 and end at 17:00.


The UnScared Nutrition Course is about more than just food. It's about attitude, mindset, physics, (exercise) physiology, neurology and 'the scientific method' in general. Through simple assignments we'll help you to assess your own situation and we'll recommend possible changes to reach your own goals.