UnScared Coach Course

Do you want to become a coach at your current gym or start a carreer at UnScared? Are you already a coach and do you want to significantly improve your coaching skills? The UnScared Coach Course is perfect for you.

In line with UnScared’s coaching values and training philosophy, we aim to improve the level of functional fitness and group class coaching. Three weekends filled with interactive lectures, in-class coaching assessments, take-home assignments and extensive feedback. We are here to offer you improved coaching skills, career opportunities and a chance to take your coaching from good to GREAT.


Dates & Time: The UCC is always six afternoons: three consecutive weekends on Saturdays and Sundays. We start the day after the classes at UnScared at 14:00 and finish each day before 19:00. Check out the available editions in 2021 below!

UnScared Coach Course 2021 - June Edition: We will host this edition on the following three weekends. June 5th & 6th, June 12th & 13th and June 19th & 20th. 

June tickets

UnScared Coach Course 2021 - October Edition: We will host this edition on the following three weekends. October 16th & 17th, October 23rd & 24th and October 30th & 31st. 

October Tickets


Coach Course Costs: 1200,- euro

Updates: Stay up to date by following our Coach Course Facebook Page or shoot us an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Feel free to approach us with any questions you might have!

Requirements: Participants of all fitness and knowledge levels can join the UCC! We help both absolute beginners An understanding of the movements performed in weightlifting, functional fitness and basic gymnastics can definitely help. Possession of any fitness certifications are NOT required, but can help in your understanding of the course.

Course Leaders: Willem Hilberdink (Owner UnScared), Kevin van Helden (Head Coach) and Jeremy Regensburg (Head Strength Coach) 

Hiring Process: We will draft multiple part-time coaches from the Coach Course 2021 and although completion of the UnScared Coach Course is mandatory for consideration, completion of the Coach Course 2021 is no guarantee for being hired for the UnScared coaching staff.