At UnScared,we aim to leave the world a little better than we found it, a grand goal perhaps, but we believe small steps are key.

Climate positive gym

UnScared is a climate positive gym. This means that we run on 100% green energy and neutralise the small amount of CO2 we produce by partnering with Trees For All. This non-profit plants trees and restores forests both in The Netherlands and abroad and ensures they are sustainably managed by the local population. 


Because we feel offsetting our carbon footprint is not enough, we decided to take it up a notch:  For every 12 months of training completed by an UnScaredian, we will plant a tree through Trees For All.  This means that for every year of training at UnScared, you not only improve your fitness but make the world a little greener as well. 


UnScared takes great pride in partnering only with companies that share our passion for sustainability finding more eco-friendly options for everything. When choosing products to use and sell we take great care that they are sustainably sourced and produced. This means we only use environmentally friendly cleaning materials and keep our use of non-recyclable plastics to an absolute minimum. Also, from the coffee we drink to the t-shirts we wear and the barbells we lift, everything is sustainably sourced and produced. 

Naturally, we are nowhere near perfect, but we are always keen to learn. If you have any suggestions on becoming  a more sustainable gym, we would love to hear from you. Please reach out to us here.