Getting started

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So, you’ve decided to become UnScared, here’s how it works.


Schedule an intake session to assess your level of fitness, learn more about UnScared and choose a membership plan.


  1. Gym tour — Explore our gym and get to know UnScared
  2. Assessment workout — We get to know more about you and how you move
  3. Become UnScared — Choose your membership and join the community



All memberships at UnScared include:

  • Access to both UnScared gyms.
  • A private coach to provide guidance on fitness and nutrition and answer any UnScared-related questions
  • A 30-minute private coaching follow-up after your first month of training
  • Entrance to our CrossFit, Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting classes
  • Flexible monthly contracts, so that you can stop, pause, and adjust your membership package at any time
  • Access to the highest quality coaches and equipment in Utrecht
  • Unlimited tea and coffee from The Village

Membership options:

kettlebell small

The Basic Barbell

6 classes per month

A great option if you’re new to training, if you’re looking to include some CrossFit or weight lifting into your existing fitness schedule, or if you’re just freakin’ busy.


kettlebell small

The Double Under

2 classes per week

The perfect choice if you’re looking to see consistent progress in your overall fitness and health. Consistency is key!


kettlebell medium

The Big 3

3 classes per week

If UnScared classes are your main training focus, then this is the package for you. Train with us 3 times per week to see incredible progress in your lifts and overall fitness.


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The Max Effort

6 classes per week

If you’re an experienced athlete, and fitness is life, then this is the right choice for you. Warning, this package is not for beginners, you will be sore.



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