Ballet Workshop with Tomomi Murata

12:30-14:00 or 14:15-15:45
1 credit
Open for non-members

Ballet may not be the first thing you think of when you think of CrossFit or even weightlifting, but it's a highly demanding sport that requires mobility, explosiveness and coordination. It's no wonder that even bodybuilders and movie stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jean Claude van Damme have done ballet.

If you're ready to step outside your comfort zone, meet Tomomi Murata. Hailing from Japan and studying ballet in France, she has decades of experience and will teach you to improve things like mobility and body control and use that in complex movements. Just like in CrossFit and weightlifting!

There are no requirements for this workshop. All levels are welcome.

The curriculum in both time slots is similar, just pick the time that suits you best! Sign up via the UnScared app.

Photo credit: Barbara Lodewijks