Breathwork session with Judith Sol

2e Daalsedijk
27,50 euro's, to be paid on site via PIN
Open for non-members

During this Breathwork Workshop you will be introduced into the practice of 'connected breathing'.

The most powerful breathing technique in the world!

After a connected breathing session you have often gained new insights about yourself, you feel deeply relaxed in mind and body and you even may feel euphoric. 

Judith Sol will guide 20 UnScaredians through this two hour workshop. No previous experience needed, come as you are and dive in!

Materials: please bring a (yoga) mat, warm clothing and a cosy blanket.

Unfortunately, you can’t participate if you are pregnant, taking heavy anti-depressants, have heart or vascular disease, glaucoma, high blood pressure, or have undergone surgery less then 6 weeks ago.

Cost: 27,50 - to be paid on site

Registration: via the UnScared app