Running Workshop with UnScaredian Chung

2e Daalsedijk
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Open for non-members

Are you part of the collective groan that echoes through the gym when a WOD features running? Or maybe you're convinced that running isn't your thing. Well, get ready to bust that myth wide open during this running workshop.

On May 4th, UnScaredian Chung will unveil three "quick wins" to transform your run – making it faster, better, and (believe it or not) possibly even enjoyable.

Prepare for an engaging mix of a short seminar followed by hands-on practice. We'll dive into running drills, arm you with effective cues to refine your technique on the spot, and share practical tips to elevate your running stamina.

Leading the charge is Chung, an UnScared member who's not only a certified coach with the Dutch Athletics Union but also a great runner.